What is an immersive game?

When we’re asked to explain how our live immersive games work I am often stumped for a simple explanation because our games are anything but simple.

So, I did what any expert in their field does when stumped for an explanation… I googled it. Immersive is such a hot topic right now I found a very substantial list of immersive activities, none of which are quite like our immersive games. So rather than writing a wordy explanation about what immersive games are, here is a very detailed explanation of what immersive games are not.

Our immersive games are not… immersive theatre.

They aren’t a million miles off, we may well have actors and even some costumes and there is likely to be some sort of story line, but rather than delivering the narrative to you, we get you right in the centre of it. You help make the story happen.

Our immersive games are not…. immersive video games.

We love video games and they form massive inspiration for what we do but at the moment our games cannot be played from the comfort of your own home. They get you off the sofa and onto the streets to socialise face-to-face and engage with the world around you. We can also  guarantee our games contain 99% less swearing teenagers than you are likely to find playing COD*.

*not verified by The Office for Statistics Regulation

Our immersive games are not…. immersive escape experiences.

We will never lock you in a room. If this happens during one of our games call for help and await rescue.

Our immersive games are not…. Immersive VR.

As much as it would be very funny to watch people running around London with VR headsets on, there is the small possibility of injury or death which wouldn’t be great from a publicity perspective.

Our immersive games are not…. Immersive treasure hunts

I mean, they almost are. Except the treasure at the end of our hunt is the joy of the experience itself and the fact you took part…..

Our immersive games are not…. Immersive dinner parties.

I think this one sort of speaks for itself. Our games contain a lot of running about… It’s hard enough running for a bus on Friday night after a few too many pints, trying not to drop your kebab, let alone trying to balance the hors d’oeuvres as you scamper around London searching for clues.

Our immersive games are not…. Immersive cabaret.

Whilst our games are for people 16+ there will be no nudity or sexy dancing involved.. We hope.

Our immersive games are not…. Immersive dog walking (or are they?).

But I mean, they could be… Whilst this doesn’t yet exist as a concept (as far as we are aware) we think there is a lot of potential here. Watch this space.

So that’s what we aren’t doing, but here are some of the elements you can expect from one of our live games:

  1. A set play area, this will be outside, in a particular part of london. Your map will show you exactly the area to stick to.
  2. A series of clues and good-deed missions, delivered by text message, audio messages or by scanning in a QR code.
  3. An enemy you have to avoid and allies to help you along the way.
  4. Some sort of story line that with either amuse, frighten or excite you.
  5. You having so much fun that you don’t shut up about it for the next week.

But the main thing about Komorabi’s immersive games, is that whilst they are predominantly about play, they also provide the opportunity for you to participate in small acts of every day good and micro volunteering as part of the game.

Whilst volunteering feels great once you’ve done it, can definitely be a struggle dragging yourself out of bed on a Saturday morning to do something that doesn’t involve brunch and being mainly horizontal.  By framing small acts of kindness and everyday good deeds within our live games we hope to encourage and interest you to see the possibilities for acts of good and kindness in the world around you.

We think this has been a pretty comprehensive list, but really, the only way to truly get what our immersive games are like is to come and play one. For more information about the next games coming up have a look here.