We design high energy scavenger hunts played in teams, right in the heart of London. 

The App

Browse a wide range of tiny good deeds at the tip of your fingers. Go on quests. Solve puzzles. Help others.


We facilitate collaborations between consumers, companies and charities.

Our next event:

Snow Queen Adventure

Long ago legend tells of a young girl and a young boy, whose love overcame even the coldest of winters…

Spring is now coming to London, but there is a lingering chill in the air. No one quite knows what causes it but there is a whisper on the wind… the Snow Queen has returned. As the cold sets in, a gloom descends over London.

But that which is frozen will eventually thaw… this March help us bring a little warmth back into the world. Join us for one of our immersive events, and by solving clues and completing a series of ‘good-deeds’ you can spread kindness and defeat the cold of the Snow Queen.


"The best way to cover your 10,000 steps and let go of your daily stresses, and I saw parts of London I’d never seen. Great fun!" - Cara

"'Great day. Combining giving, with a fun challenge in good company-what’s not to like?!"

How we do it

We find small and manageable acts of volunteering and intergrate them into our narrative and game play.

Our games immersive our players into a story and help them discover some of the secrets of London.

This means the volunteering never feels like work, its perfectly intergrated into the game.


Our Players

We give our players a fully immersive game experience that makes volunteering and giving back feel like play rather than work.

Our Charity Partners

We incorporate tasks that directly benefit our charity partners’ needs into our games. This might be collecting items for food bank or delivering leaflets. We also help spread awareness of the cause through our work.

Our Business Sponsors

We give businesses the opportunity to sponser our events, helping to spread brand awareness, cutsomer engagement and contribute to CSR initiatives.

Be the change. Take tiny actions. Have fun.