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Volunteering made easy


We are setting out to revolutionise the way people volunteer, and one of the main ways we do this is by providing micro-volunteering opportunities – that is activities that take small amounts of time, perfect if you are time poor!

Whether you have 10 min or 4 hours or one day find one-off activities that benefits a cause that resonates with you. We connect you with a diverse range of activities with hundreds of charities that do not require on-going commitment.

We share with you our app, Komorabi, a tool for bitesize volunteering and charitable acts, designed to work around your routine. Let’s make kindness part of our daily routine.


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Forget trust exercises, bring the team together with Komorabi

Family & Friends

Did you know we run childrens events too?

Komorabi runs immersive volunteering events and activities, from scavenger hunts with charitable missions, to our app, which will help you find quick and easy ways to make a difference, no matter how time-poor you are.

What is immersive volunteering?

Who said volunteering had to be boring? Not us. If doing good is also fun, people are more likely to do it, which is a pretty great thing overall.

Each of our events has its own theme, with actors and props, clues and rules to follow, so you become fully immersed in another world, all the while completing tasks that help a charity or community.

How it works?

We find small and manageable acts of volunteering and integrate them into our narrative and game play.

In small groups you’re given details of your mission and any tools you’ll need to complete the mission.

Interaction with our actors begins straight away with your briefing. From there you’ll be sent riddles to guide you through the mission.


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