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How does it work exactly?

3 different, equally wondrous ways:

Immersive play – Escape your desk in a whirlwind story with pro actors putting our players directly within this world

Volunteering – We find small and manageable acts of good and integrate them into our players’ journey

Teamwork – Through challenging clues and perplexing puzzles, Komorabi games encourage collaborative, lateral thinking

Each of our games is designed to be customisable to your needs with a similar basic foundation. In each game there is a different mystery that needs solving, with clues sent via text, revealing characters and objects that they need to find in order to complete the mission. There will be obstacles to overcome, items to collect, enemies to thwart and capture to evade.

1) Fun day out with friends? Check.

2) Having the time of your life getting chased and discovering hidden London? Check.

3) Doing something to help make the world a better place? Check.

Clear Filters
Pirate Treasure
Hunt for the pirate treasure

Embark on a swashbuckling, treasure hunting adventure sprinkled with bite-sized good deeds, to set up around your house!

Heroes of History
Heroes of History

Lessons are always learned from times of crisis. Letters, voice recordings and even videos have been appearing, left by people we thought long gone.

Mission 002
Mission 002

Welcome to your training.

Prisoners of The Snow Queen
Fairy Tale: Snow Queen Adventure

Legend tells of a young girl and a young boy, whose love overcame even the coldest of winters…

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