How it works

In teams of 2-6 you will be given a backpack, a list of items to find and a series of clues received via SMS message that take you around a neighborhood of London. Discovering hidden parts of London and its history while you will try to outwit  your enemies and be on the hunt for some things to go into your backpack.

These backpacks are donated to the charity we have partnered for that particular game.

1) Fun day out with friends? Check.

2) Having the time of your life getting chased and discovering hidden London? Check.

3) Doing something to help make the world a better place? Check.


Merlin’s Memories
Merlin's Memories

We’ve all heard of Merlin, legendary wizard and advisor to King Arthur. We know him from the pages of our books and stories passed down for generations.

Snow Queen Adventure
Snow Queen Adventure

Legend tells of a young girl and a young boy, whose love overcame even the coldest of winters…

Mission 002
Mission 002

Welcome to your training.