Family parties

Not your average birthday party

How many children can say they had epic fun, learn how small actions can change the world and help out a charity?

We have adapted our adult games so that they’re a little less tricky, a lot more playful, with the same core pillars of immersive fun and doing good deeds. They’re perfect for children aged 6 – 10 who want a party unlike any of their friends!

In small teams, your little super heroes will battle the evil snow queen, assist a magician in conquering foe, or decrypt a top spy code, while completing a good deed along the way.


Our facilitators will set up an immersive and interactive world for your child and guests to explore!

Professional actors in full costume will guide the players through the game and help with the good deed challenges. In teams of 4 – 6, the mini-explorers will receive clues and tasks, either in letters or via text message, to be solved.


We partner with incredible charities to integrate good deeds into our children’s parties so that your little ones can have an adventure while doing good.

Past games have included the charity Mary’s Meals, children gathered school supplies for a school in Malawi, also working with Post Pals, we created get well cards for sick children.

03 Join the fun

Adults can join in the fun too, the game lasts around 1 hour and is a perfect precursor to Birthday cake and refreshments. Merlin may even join in singing Happy Birthday!

All our actors have been DBS checked, the size of the Komorabi team will depend on the number of children booked for the party to ensure safety.


Our trained actors bring the event themes to life. Younger children love their characters and get very involved in the story and the actors can play their roles more serious to create a fully immersive experience for older children and teens.

Witches & Wizards

Family parties
We’ve all heard the legend of Merlin, but what if he wasn’t just legend? Mysterious
messages have surfaced about a foe – rally together to help Merlin defeat his nemesis.

Spy challenge

Family parties
Test your wits as you hide and seek, dodge enemies and complete missions in our high energy spy game!


Family parties
Her highness was once a sweet child before her heart froze solid and she commenced her reign of fear. She is plucking innocents off the street and turning them into robins, can you stop her?

Start making memories

Not sure yet? Try our free Pirate Pack

Benefits of volunteering for children

Introducing volunteering or charitable behaviour at an early age has great benefits to a child’s development. Exercises have shown increased empathy, better team work and a wider sense of responsibility in children who partake in volunteer activities. But that’s not all, read our article on the Ten Reasons Children and Teens Should Volunteer.

What is immersive volunteering?

Immersive volunteering is basically doing good deeds but while immersed in a story or game. There is a scientific explanation behind it, but put most simply, it means you can be doing charitable things without really noticing or going out of your way. Do good, have fun!

  • Give children a completely unique experience, quite different from the usual children’s entertainment and cake.
  • Get your children and teens outside, exploring and having fun rather than looking at a screen
  • Children will learn to negotiate and use critical thinking throughout
  • Enjoy the opportunity to work with your child and their peers as you rally together to fend off the villain/threat in each game
  • Exciting and engaging enough to stimulate children aged 8-14 years old
  • Our trained actors and props bring the story to life
  • Encourage team work and volunteering in a fun and memorable way
  • Children can also enjoy all the usual party elements – birthday balloons, cake and goodie bags.
  • Teams of 2-4 will be made up of a mixture of children and parents.
  • Clues are either offline or sent through on our app.
  • Our party events will be take place in your garden / your home.
  • Usually a team of 3 actors and 2 facilitators will be with the children however because of the pandemic, we recommend only 1 actor / 1 facilitator to keep the numbers low.
  • At the end of the party, scores are counted and a winning team is announced.
  • The activity lasts around 1.5 hours
  • The items collected on the scavenger hunt are donated to a relevant charity.
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