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Team building that really makes a difference

Time for something new

Our events are one part escape room, two parts relationship building with a sprinkle of bite-sized volunteering. Our games are available to:

1. Play via messages and audio recordings with your co-workers in the office

2. Play virtually with your team as an interactive game with live actors via video link

3. The complete immersive experience with live actors to guide your team on their adventure at a location of your choice

Offer your employees a team experience that lets them escape from their usual roles. Give them something with real value – immersive volunteering. Take your company from CSR box-ticking, to a community focused and engaged team.

* All our games are designed to accommodate for social distancing

01 Immersive Volunteering

Your adventure begins with a briefing from our actors about your challenge, what to look out for and who to avoid. In teams of 3-5, you will be sent clues and riddles via SMS and you must collect certain items for charity and complete challenges along the way. Game lasts around 1:30h

The team who completes the task first with the highest number of correct items wins and gets a free drink, but with a nemesis on your tail docking points for a number of things you may do, it’s harder than it sounds!

02 Have fun, Do Good

By engaging in a meaningful activity for charity, you’re doing more than just fulfilling your CSR requirement; you’re bringing a huge range of benefits to your employees. We partner with incredible charities to integrate good deeds into our children’s parties so that your little ones can have an adventure while doing good.

Past games have included the charity Mary’s Meals, gathered school supplies for a school in Malawi, also working with Glass Door Homeless Charity to help provide basic amenities.

03 Purpose

The majority of under 35s seek a sense of purpose from their job, you can give employees a sense of wellbeing from getting involved in charitable work. Job satisfaction doesn’t come from an employee’s role alone, being part of a company that shares your values is an important contributing factor.

You may be surprised just how many would welcome the opportunity to do something for charity – with 55% of under-35s wanting to volunteer more than they do.

04 Engagement

One of the biggest challenges can be encouraging more introverted team members to step forward and engage in new challenges, especially on team building days, which can fill some employees with dread.

One of the benefits of immersive volunteering is knowing that you are not just playing a game, you are helping a good cause. This underlying mission gives quieter team members a sense of responsibility that will embolden them to feel engaged with the task.

05 Benefits

The immersive and gamified aspects of our events bring about numerous other benefits:
– stimulating
– problem solving
– encourages lateral thinking
– team work
– fun
– bonding
– get staff outdoors
– creates healthy competition

What our players say

The best way to cover your 10,000 steps!" - Mission 002

I liked that we were being chased by the snow queen. The acting was brilliant! - Snow Queen Adventure

I saw parts of London I’d never seen. Great fun! - Snow Queen Adventure

Combining giving, with a fun challenge in good company-what’s not to like?! - Snow Queen Adventure

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