Immersive team building days

Team building that really
makes a difference

Forget awkward human knot exercises or indoor mini golf – why not do something with your team that has an impact? Our unique immersive volunteering activities are specially designed to increase collaboration, problem solving and team work while also doing something positive for charity.

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Say no to trust falls, and do something more meaningful on your team building day

Time for something new

Say the words ‘team building’ and you’ll spark dread into half the workforce, and even those who are enthused will find themselves feeling a bit daft if any clichéd trust exercises come into play. And even a company meal can feel somewhat like forced bonding.

Corporate events

So, what can you do that’s different? Offer your employees a team day that lets them completely escape from their usual roles and give them something that has real value – immersive volunteering.

By engaging in a meaningful activity for charity, you’re doing more than just fulfilling your CSR requirement; you’re bringing a huge range of benefits to your employees:


The majority of under 35s seek a sense of purpose from their job, you can give employees a sense of wellbeing from getting involved in charitable work. Job satisfaction doesn’t come from an employee’s role alone, being part of a company that shares your values is an important contributing factor.

You may be surprised just how many would welcome the opportunity to do something for charity – with 55% of under-35s wanting to volunteer more than they do.

“I had great fun on the day, but more than that, I loved knowing that we were making a difference to someone’s life”

Cara B


One of the biggest challenges can be encouraging more introverted team members to step forward and engage in new challenges, especially on team building days, which can fill some employees with dread.

One of the benefits of immersive volunteering is knowing that you are not just playing a game, you are helping a good cause. This underlying mission gives quieter team members a sense of responsibility that will embolden them to feel engaged with the task.


There has been much research proving a connection between gratitude and happiness – by being thankful for what you have, you are spending your energy on positive thoughts rather than negative ones, and this leads to overall increased contentment and wellbeing.

Our mission is ‘Do good, have fun’ so while we don’t take a heavy-handed approach to our charitable work, just being aware of the people you’re helping through your activity brings about a wonderful sense of gratitude

And these are just the benefits of the volunteering aspect. The immersive and gamified aspects of our events bring about numerous other benefits:

Corporate events

So how does it work?

Your immersive adventure begins with a briefing from our actors about your challenge, what to look out for and who to avoid. In teams of 3-5, you will be sent clues and riddles via SMS and you must collect certain items for charity and complete challenges along the way.

The team who completes the task first with the highest number of correct items wins and gets a free drink, but with a nemesis on your tail docking points for a number of things you may do, it’s harder than it sounds!

Corporate events
Corporate events


Just the game

Give us a try with a team building immersive game:

  • Two hour game in central London
  • £29pp*
  • Refreshment of soft drinks or beer/wines can be added to your booking, with 25% of these costs donated directly to charity

Let’s become partners

If you like what we stand for, become a partner for us and get lifetime benefits:

  • 50% off your first activity*
  • Be the first to hear when we launch a new game theme
  • 25% off all bookings for 1 year (yes really!)
  • Your company’s advert will appear in our app for 12 months
  • A thank you note from Komorabi and the partner charity for your contribution, and the opportunity to work with the same cause or different causes with each activity.


*Must be booked by October 31st 2019

Komorabi team days are
for you if:

  • You want to bring your team together
  • You want to try something new and interesting for your team building day
  • You want to get out of the office and leave your usual roles behind
  • You want to do something good as part of your company’s CSR

Komorabi team days are
NOT for you if:

  • You don’t like fun
  • You don’t want to help charities and community causes
  • You would prefer to do trust falls
  • You’d rather not leave the office
What our players say

The best way to cover your 10,000 steps!" - Mission 002, Jan 2018

I liked that we were being chased by the snow queen. The acting was brilliant! - Snow Queen Adventure, Jan 2019

I saw parts of London I’d never seen. Great fun! - Snow Queen Adventure, Dec 2019

Combining giving, with a fun challenge in good company-what’s not to like?! - Snow Queen Adventure, Jan 2019

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