First immersive volunteering mobile app


Doing good isn’t just the responsibility of super heroes. We can all do our bit and most of us would love the opportunity to feel like we are giving back more than we do… But busy schedules and long working weeks make finding the time and motivation a little bit challenging…

 But that’s where we come in. We have hand picked a selection of fun and unique volunteering opportunities around your neighborhood and across London.

Browse our wide range of suggested good deeds that range from poverty and nature to inspiring and empowering the people around you. They can take anywhere between 5 minutes or a whole afternoon depending on the deed you pick, and all of this is at the tip of your fingers.

Filter them by time, location and category so you can easily fit a bit of saving the world into your busy day.

Go on quests. Solve puzzles. Help others. Gain points. Level up.

Ready to join the adventure?

1. Sign up and let us know if you would like to help us test

2. Let us know of any volunteering opportunities in your local area

3. Keep an eye out on our immersive events and help us #makeVolunteeringFun

*Our app is still in development and will be launched in Dec 2019.

Be the change. Take tiny actions. Have fun.