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Volunteering made easy


We are setting out to revolutionise the way people volunteer, and one of the main ways we do this is by providing micro-volunteering opportunities – that is activities that take small amounts of time, perfect if you are time poor!

Whether you have 10 min or 4 hours or one day find one-off activities that benefits a cause that resonates with you. We connect you with a diverse range of activities with hundreds of charities that do not require on-going commitment.

We share with you our app, Komorabi, a tool for bitesize volunteering and charitable acts, designed to work around your routine. Let’s make kindness part of our daily routine.

Filter by Time

Only Have 10 Minutes? No Problem.

Our handy filter allows you to find suitable activities based on how much time you have, starting at just 10 minutes so you can even fit doing something good into a busy day.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities

 Volunteer, Even from Your Sofa!

Whether you are staying in or going out, you can contribute to your local community. We have fun activities that you can complete while sat on the sofa at home, or use the map function on the app to find activities near to you.

What’s your passion?

 Find Activities in Your Area

Browse activities and opportunities that help a cause that resonates with you.

Simply select from one of our six categories: Environment, Mental Health, Older People, Children & Education, Community Activities or Human Rights.

Gamified Process

So Fun, You’ll Forget You’re Doing Good Deeds!

We’re all about making it fun to do good deeds, so that was always going to be a core part of our app. Gain points for every task you complete and rise up the ranks with different badges, until you eventually have enough points to qualify for prizes and rewards.

Challenge your colleagues or friends to join and see who gets the most points soonest, or just enjoy seeing your own positive actions stack up on your profile and know that you are making the world a better place with every point you gain.

When I first moved to London, I missed the sense of community which came from doing ad-hoc tasks for people in need in my local area. City life passed, I was so time poor I couldn’t even commit to the gym!


So I created Komorabi to integrate good deeds into our every day lives. Whether that’s your child’s birthday party, a corporate team building function, or even a spare 15 minutes after work. My hope is that this app will enable people that otherwise would not be able to volunteer to give back to their community.


– Maria Lazar, Founder, Komorabi

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Where will the APP be available?

Currently the app is only available in London, UK – we are hoping to expand once we have more users onboard. 

What type of activities will be available?

You will be able to find anything from bite sized online activities which can be done from the comfort of your couch to simple quick roles within your community and nearby charities.

Is the app fully accessible for people with disabilities?

We are currently in the testing phase and accessibility is definitely at the forefront of our priorities. We will keep you informed.

How much work do charities have to put in to sign up with the app?

We want to ensure that charities can easily sign up with the app and advertise their roles with us. If you’re an interested charity just drop us a message and we will do the rest.

How often will the activities be updated?

We will ensure that the activities remain up to date. We are also keen to ask our users to send us new opportunities as and when they come across some of them and report on any activities that might need updating.

How can users suggest new activities?

We will soon be launching our affiliates/evangelist program – more to follow.

What will the gamification element include? 

We want to ensure that all our users are having fun whilst doing good. That is why we have added the gamification element to the app. You will be able to earn rewards and badges, level up and make sure you keep your friends can help you along the way.


If this app or our movement has piqued your interest, please sign up to be notified when it is available to download.
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