The Komorabi Concept


There has never been a better time or a worse time to live in a city like London. It might be packed with opportunities, art and fun around every corner but research shows that as many as 55% of Londoners feel lonely and stressed. We’re also incredibly busy and hardworking. When your time is spent commuting, working, commuting again and running errands, it can be difficult to make the time for your friends or do something good.

That’s why we’re changing the pace at Komorabi. We typically run a couple events a month so that, no matter how busy life gets, you always have at least a couple of hours or so to spare to spend on what’s really important!

What Does Komorabi Mean?

The term ‘Komorabi’ combines the Japanese term ‘komorebi’, when the sun filters through the trees and touches your face, giving you that lovely feeling of warmth and pleasure, the Romanian term ‘comoara’ meaning treasure hunt and ‘camaraderie’, the community we feel. At Komorabi, we want to warm people with the feeling of doing good and with community with immersive volunteering.

Doing Good Feels Good

We know first-hand that it’s easy to become introverted and stuck into the daily routine and forget that there is a whole world outside of our bubble that we could be making a positive impact in. When we do good, we feel good. Research shows that even just donating to a charity lights up a part of the brain indicative of pleasure. Now imagine how good it feels to proactively become a larger part in making a difference!

The problem, however, is people’s busy schedules. Research also suggests that more than 80% of people would love the opportunity to do good but cannot find time for it. It makes sense to devote any free time possible to relaxing or having fun – which is why we want to combine both! Before creating Komorabi, we couldn’t find many ways in London to be as proactive as we wanted to – but we could see lots of entertainment!

We saw a gap in the market and acted! We develop immersive games and combine a map, an app, live actors and clues with some incredible charitable causes so that you and your friends can  have an active part doing good and being a force for good in your local area.

Making Time for What’s Important

You are so much more than your productivity at work and your daily commute! We want to make it easier for Londoners to connect, both with the people local to them and to people they can help globally.

At Komorabi, we aim to combat loneliness in London by encouraging you to invite your friends to make some unique memories with you. This is why our immersive games are specifically designed for social groups from 2 to 6.

Seeing More of Your City

Most of us go so long in the city staring at our mobile phones in hand or rushing from one appointment to the next that we forget to look up and admire our city. Our immersive games will have you running around the prettiest spots in London .

You’ll explore neighbourhoods you’ve never seen before and find things you’ve never noticed! Find a new favourite spot for you and your friends and admire the wonderful city you live in!

The Komorabi concept is simple – we want to make volunteering fun, social and interesting for adventurous people! Find a community that cares through Komorabi and leave your own positive mark on the best city in the world!

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