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What is Corporate Spiritual Responsibility?


There was a time when the words ‘corporate’ and ‘spirituality’ wouldn’t even appear in the same paragraph together, let alone in the same phrase. Tides have turned, however, and it’s clear that not only do these words coexist, but as cohorts they’re the subject of many academic papers!

The two ‘CSR’s

Corporate Spiritual Responsibility is not the same as Corporate Social Responsibility, but rather the former is a stepping stone to the latter. Traditional CSR requires companies to do their share of good, but it’s very difficult to uphold social targets without an existing company culture that places value in doing good. That’s where Corporate Spiritual Responsibility comes in: it’s the fostering of a culture in the workplace that emphasises benevolence. Luckily, since so much of the workforce today emphasises benevolence too, corporate spiritual responsibility can be as simple as supporting your employees. 


Spirituality in the workplace doesn’t really refer to worship at all- but it can manifest in your office through ritual! There may be lots of little traditions that occur naturally in the office, like an open discussion of the most recent Netflix original during lunch, or frequent Thursday after-work drinks. Enhancing these pre-existing customs with nods of recognition, by providing healthy snacks or holding monthly wine nights for example, insures that company spirituality remains in tact. 

New Traditions

You can even go one step further by starting up new rituals that get everyone involved and reaffirm company values. Holding Komorabi teambuilding events sends a message that you care about doing good in the wider community and want your team to bond in a way that builds efficiency and is lots of fun.  

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