Five crazy ideas to help your employees get along better


If you’re looking to motivate your employees at work, then we have five suggestions on what you can do to ensue no one at work is bored, ever!

1 – Break Up the Routine

No one likes to do the same thing every single day, sure whilst you’re learning the ropes it might feel productive but after a while it can soon get you down. Make sure you break up the routine for your employees. Have a look at doing a lunch together every month, playing some teambuilding games in the office, have a meeting outside of the office or allocate some time for a hot drink and a catch up. Whatever you do, make sure you try and do something different to keep all your employees happy and involved.

2 – Reward your Employees

Human beings love to set and reach personal goals; it’s just dead satisfying.
But we also love to be rewarded! You can re-motivate an employee by giving them something to strive towards and to look forward to. Remember, rewards don’t have to be expensive. You’d be surprised how fulfilling a thank you email, chocolate bar or even just an office announcement can be.

3 – Make the most of your environment

The very way your office is decorated can make a real difference to your employees.

If your walls are dull, dark and dreary, your staff will soak it up and feel bored and unmotivated.

On the other hand, bright colours  will boost energy and keep your staff focussed and productive for longer.  Think blues, greens, yellows and reds.

4 – Encourage conversations & fun!

Is your workplace just boring? There’s your problem.

Happy, entertained employees are more engaged, more productive, more hard-working, more loyal and are far more likely to impress your clients.

Let your staff enjoy life, encourage people to build relationships and above all else, have some fun!

Your business will flourish.

5 – Find out what makes your employees tick

All your employees are different, some are introverts, some are extroverts. Some are adventurous and are energized by the unknown, others prefer the security of the familiar. Some might require extra guidance, others are much more independent workers. Some are probably fresh out of college. Others might be putting their kids through college.

The point is, your employees have different backgrounds, are at different stages in their lives, and are motivated by very different things. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to force a one-size fits all solution on your diverse workforce.

Make sure you take the time to get to know all your employees individually. It is amazing what people can do when you tailor their day to their strengths.

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