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7 ways to get your team excited for an away day

You’ve had the budget signed off, researched the various companies offering team-building packages – we hear Komorabi are pretty good, paid the deposit and notified the boss. All that’s left is getting everyone revved up for the big day.

But memories of dreary team-building exercises in stuffy conference rooms are hard to shake, and while NEWS FLASH *not all away days are the same* it can be difficult to shed the negativity some people hold for team-building activities.

So how can you drum up the enthusiasm to put down their tools, log off, and get their head in the game?

Here are our top five ways to get your team excited for an away day.

  1. Get the date in their diaries! Scribble it on the white-board, pin up a sign by the kettle. Make sure everyone knows *it’s on*.
  2. Drop hints. A long email detailing every element will likely be left unread, but also give away the element of surprise. Build some anticipation of the fun to come.
  3. …But not too many surprises. Nobody likes to feel unprepared or caught off guard, so make sure everyone knows what to expect. Where and when will it start? And finish? What clothing should they wear? Will there be food and drink? Will it involve exercise?
  4. Introduce a little healthy competition. There’s nothing like the prospect of beating your nemesis or sharing a prize with your desk-mate to get people engaged. Even the smallest incentive will do wonders.
  5. Set an example. Senior employees and team leaders should lead the charge by showing outward enthusiasm and a keenness to see their colleagues there.
  6. Limit extra workload. This is a tricky one, as logging off for an afternoon or day quickly leads to an email backlog. Make sure managers are aware of the time participants will be unavailable, and adjust their expectations or workload accordingly.
  7. Get everyone involved! From the most junior to the most senior employees, everyone must take part. Team days need leaders to show the courage to not only face challenges head on, but also to show who they are outside the office.

Though choosing an exciting and engaging activity would be a great first step. Take a look at our magical immersive games packages; Merlin’s memories, Prisoners of the Snow Queen and Mission 002, to find out more.

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