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Avast, Me hearties

Set sail for the adventure

Grab a seat, and lend me yer ear, I have a tale to tell yee so listen here!

Long ago there was a brother and sister, tight as can be. Their names were Leon Brownbeard and Leanne Redstockings, together they sailed the seven seas. But these were not normal pirates. They never swore, or made anyone walk the plank. Instead of stealing from people they helped those less fortunate, leaving happiness and joy in their wake.

The evil pirate named Blackbeard Bill caught wind that they had a huge chest of treasure, ready to give to people who didn’t have enough to eat. So he hatched a plan to steal it! The siblings quickly hid the treasure, and created a map to show anyone who was kind and worthy where to it.

If you can solve their clues, complete the tasks, and prove your kind heart, you will find their secret hiding place. Now grab yourself a hat, practice your “ARRRR!” and find that treasure!

Hunt for the pirate treasure - Immersive volunteering game for kids

Book Your Birthday Party

DIY Self-Guided Adventure
Download & Play
Duration: 1h
Min People: 2
Virtual Birthday Party
Live Actors on Screen
Duration: 1h
Min People: 3
Outdoor birthday party
Live Actors
Duration: 1h
Min people: 10

How does it work?

Our events are one part scavenger hunt, two parts of immersive play with a sprinkle of bite-sized volunteering.

Using simple items inside your house, you can DIY – a shark infested sea, and use dangly sellotape to make a jellyfish jungle! – we have written the clues, challenges and tasks for you to print out and kick of the adventure at home.

But it wouldn’t be immersive without a real pirate would it!? Select a virtual party to see Leon Brownbeard live as he takes you and your friends on an adventure via video link. Find the treasure together while staying apart.

What is like Leon Brownbeard like in real life? Invite him for a personal appearance at your birthday to take you on a swashbuckling adventure unlike any other.

Dressing up is optional, but strongly encouraged!

What do THEY learn?

DIY self-guided adventure is specifically designed to provide support for home learning KS1 and KS2 curriculum:

• Problem solving and reading comprehension
• Roleplay and improvisation
• Teamwork and sharing ideas

While our live events also offer these fun ways to learn, there is a greater focus on play and celebration.


We partner with incredible charities to integrate good deeds into our children’s parties so that your little ones can have an adventure while doing good. Your child could:

  • Create get well cards for sick children with Post Pals
  • Help save the bees by planting wildflowers
  • Create art to bring a smile to vulnerable people in your community
  • Gather school supplies for a school in Malawi in partnership with Mary’s Meals
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