Now winter has come to London, but even as people bustle around doing their Christmas shopping there is another sort of chill in the air. No one quite knows what causes it but there is a whisper on the wind… the Snow Queen has returned. As the cold sets in, a gloom descends over London and the general good cheer that Christmas brings seems empty and hollow.

But that which is frozen will eventually thaw… This January help us bring a little warmth back into the world. Join our brand new immersive game played right in the heart of London. Solve clues and complete ‘good-deeds’ so you can help spread kindness and defeat the cold of the Snow Queen.

Not sure what an immersive game is? Have a look at our blog post all about it.

What our players say

The best way to cover your 10,000 steps!" - Jan 2018

I liked that we were being chased by the snow queen. The acting was brilliant! - Jan 2019

I saw parts of London I’d never seen. Great fun! Dec 2018

Combining giving, with a fun challenge in good company-what’s not to like?! - Jan 2019

How it works

In teams of 2-6 you will be given a backpack, a list of items to find and a series of clues that take you round the City of London.  Whilst you follow the story of The Snow Queen and discover hidden parts of London and its history, you will also be on the hunt for some things to go into your backpack.

These backpacks are donated to Mary’s Meal’s Backpack Project to help children get to school by providing some essential items.

1) Fun day out with friends? Check.

2) Having the time of your life getting chased and discovering hidden London? Check.

3) Doing something to help make the world a better place? Check.

If that sounds like your idea of a good time then book now!