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We know her highness was once a normal, innocent child before being left in the cold. Her heart froze as she became the Queen we know and fear, and she guards it with all of her might so it won’t shatter into thousands of pieces. She’s started plucking innocents off the streets to protect it, and to do her evil bidding. The worst part? She has magically transformed them into robins, and there’s no way to turn them back.

Well…there may be one way: if she carries out the metamorphosis herself. Legend tells us there’s a story she used to treasure, and if she hears it once more she will remember her childhood, full of goodness and cheer.

This Christmas season, help us release the prisoners of the Snow Queen. Through solving cryptic clues and doing good deeds to find the pages of the story, you can warm all of London- and the Snow Queen’s heart!

Not sure what an immersive game is? Have a look at our blog post all about it.

What our players say

The best way to cover your 10,000 steps!" - Jan 2018

I liked that we were being chased by the snow queen. The acting was brilliant! - Jan 2019

I saw parts of London I’d never seen. Great fun! Dec 2018

Combining giving, with a fun challenge in good company-what’s not to like?! - Jan 2019

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