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A little party never killed anybody…

The year is 1925, alcohol is prohibited in America but those with a keen eye for business and who aren’t afraid to sidestep the law a little are still finding a way to keep the parties flowing.

Welcome to the Bugsy, one of the most exclusive underground speakeasies in Chicago, originally founded by Papa Johnny and now run by Al Capone’s gang, the Chicago Outfit. Our man Charlie Tucci has been supplying alcohol to the Bugsy, where all the elite come to enjoy their time, dancing, drinking and listening to jazz.

On the last delivery his guys were apprehended by the police and three of his best men were arrested. He needs to determine who betrayed him and ratted them out to the police.

Bootleggers - Gangsters Game

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How it works?

Capone and Tucci have put together a list of possible suspects as well as three anonymous notes from key witnesses to the police takedown. No one wants to be seen as a rat so it will take all your wits to work out who the notes are from and what the cryptic messages mean. Once you have found the witness, complete a mission for them in order to get your tip.

You can pick between indoor and outdoor good deeds as part of this game. 

What do I need to do to play?

Play at home with just a computer and a mobile phone you can help solve mystery from the comfort of your own home. 

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