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There is something very strange going on

It’s 1983 and in the ordinary town of Brookdale, USA, ordinary people are going about their ordinary business. But unbeknownst to them something rather out of the ordinary is going on in the shadows…. Unexplained disappearances, rotten crops, broken machinery and mysterious radio signals, it’s down to Ronnie Myers the local police chief to figure out what, if anything, links these strange goings on.


When she finds an unusual aircraft crashed in the woods covered with mysterious symbols and an unusual goo she realises that the culprit is out of this world. But since they are nowhere to be seen everyone is a suspect…

The Strangers

How it works?

With just a phone and computer, search through Myers case notes from the comfort of your own home.  Decrypt symbols, uncover secret messages and dig through the secrets of Brookdale to determine who is more than they seem. Doing good deeds along the way to aid the people of Brookdale, you may uncover more than you bargained for…

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