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15 ways to do good in 15 minutes


We’re all busy, we get it. Here’s fifteen ways to do good when you’re short on time, rather than scrolling through Twitter, again.


  1. Walk a dog. If you don’t have your own four-legged friend, try contacting The Cinnamon Trust; a fantastic charity linking up keen dog walkers with nearby people who adore their pets but struggle with mobility.
  2. Ask your colleagues how they are doing. Sometimes it’s the people right in front of us who need support the most. Look out for burn-out, and offer a listening ear.
  3. Write a letter to show you care. Post pals are a fab charity who brighten the lives of poorly children by delivering cards, letters or drawings to kids in hospital.
  4. Call an elderly relative, however distant. Ask about their day, their health, and try to make them laugh.
  5. Share a Missing Person post on social media. Many local police forces post on their Facebook page with photos of missing adults and children. Help to spread the word.
  6. Meet your neighbours. It’s as simple as that, and it always helps to take cookies.


  1. Take some food to your local food back – The Trussell Trust have food banks all over the UK and appreciate donations of food with a good shelf life. Remember some treats too.
  2. Donate clothes to a local charity shop. While you’re there pick up something for yourself to stop yet another perfectly pretty vintage shirt going to landfill.

Empowering women:

  1. Buy a coffee from a social enterprise. We love the Luminary Bakery who have spots across London. Treat yourself to a chocolate brownie too to support women who have experienced abuse to make a fresh start.


  1. Take part in the #TrashTag challenge. Pick a messy patch – your street, a playground, or a even a roundabout, take a ‘before’ photo, pick up that trash, then take an ‘after’ photo of your handiwork. Wildlife and human residents alike will be so grateful.
  2. Buy produce from your local market. It’s more important than ever to support small businesses, including market stalls. This will also reduce your plastic waste as fruit and vegetables are usually sold without packaging.
  3. Give someone a lift. On websites like you can register your car and post when you have upcoming trips, which other people can request a lift on. Less cars mean less pollution, and the potential to meet some interesting people.

Good deeds you can do at home:

  1. Write to your local MP. Let them know what you think needs to be changed in your area. You might highlight a problem they hadn’t been aware of, and hold them accountable to any failings.
  2. Sign a petition. There are loads of great causes on and the numbers really do add up. In 2018 a petition calling on then Prime Minister Theresa May to make suicide prevention the responsibility of a government minister achieved victory, and Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price was appointed.
  3. Don’t print that email! Have a think about ways you can reduce waste at home or in your office – a simple change like emailing briefings rather than giving handouts really adds up.
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