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Eleven ways to volunteer from your sofa


Did you know you can lend your eyes to solve tasks for blind and low vision people? Check out these incredible ways to volunteer from your sofa.

Eleven ways to volunteer from your sofa
Lend your eyes to solve tasks for blind and low vision people.

Visit Be My Eyes or download the Be My Eyes free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers for visual assistance through a live video call.

Love playing games?

Cancer Research UK needs volunteers to play its online games, such as The Impossible Line and Reverse the Odds. Participants solve puzzles that help show scientists how cancer cells work, allowing them to improve diagnosis and treatments.

Eleven ways to volunteer from your sofa
Do you speak multiple languages?

Put them into practice and volunteer to Translate with Translators without Borders.

In case you are a book Lover

Help us proofread ebooks for Project Gutenberg. Or if reading aloud is your forte, you could help with the recording of audiobooks through Librivox

Eleven ways to volunteer from your sofa

Use your spare time to do some early spring cleaning and make someone’s day by planning some donations via the Freecycle website.

Eleven ways to volunteer from your sofa
Put the World’s Vulnerable People on the Map

Help make maps to inform the relief efforts of organisations such as the Red Cross. Volunteers use satellite images and a drawing tool to mark up buildings, rivers and roads in remote areas that may not have been mapped before. Recent initiatives include the Nepalese earthquake and the ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Eleven ways to volunteer from your sofa
GiVE A CHILD THE CHANCE to experience worlds far removed from their own

Provide learning and encouragement to children around the world via the Granny Cloud website and Skype. The role of the Granny includes provoking curiosity, asking questions, listening attentively and providing warm encouragement.

Eleven ways to volunteer from your sofa
Remember the days of letter writing?

 Send a pen and paper letter to an elderly citizen in a nursing home or assisted living facility to brighten up their day! We are big fans of Love for the Elderly, a nonprofit that coordinates letter writing to improve the mental health of hundreds of isolated elderly people. 

Eleven ways to volunteer from your sofa

You can develop mentoring relationships with young people via online platform brightside, to help them make confident and informed decisions about their future. 

Don’t want to go to a charity, do it on your own
  • Take 50-100 heart & smiley face cards – write a loving message on the hearts and a positive message on the smiley faces. Stick on windows, give to loved ones, or post through the doors of strangers to remind them they are not alone.
  • Volunteer your words! Offer copywriting or social media assistance to local charities who may need support in digitally reaching out to their more elderly or isolated clients. 
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