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Our volunteering app offers opportunities to all: Download for iPhone now

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The Komorabi app matches you with volunteering opportunities in your area, no matter how time poor you are, and even if you’re stuck indoors. 

Download from the Apple store here.

Many of us want to volunteer but don’t have the time to commit long term. Our covid friendly Komorabi app will link you with bite sized volunteering tasks in your community even if you only have 10 minutes to spare.

The tasks are posted by charities; you input your location, the amount of time you can offer and your interests, for example, helping the environment, children’s welfare, elderly or vulnerable people, or education.

If you’re isolating or worried about going out during this pandemic, some of the activities can be done from home. Alternatively when lockdown is over and restrictions are lifted, you can join others and make new friends whilst helping people in your local community.

How long does volunteering take?

Well, how long is a piece of string? We’ve got opportunities to suit the busiest lives, whether you’ve got a quick few minutes while on a coffee break, or a Sunday afternoon to fill. 

Here’s what you could do… 

If you have 10 minutes to spare you can use the Forest app to plant virtual trees that Trees for the Future will turn into real trees to be planted all over the world.

If you have 1 hour take part in the insect count, organised by Friends of the Earth to help environmental scientists monitor Britain’s ecology.

If you have 4 hours, sign up to train as a crisis counsellor with Crisis Textline, to give support to people who are struggling.

How much does it cost?

When Komorabi founder and CEO Maria Lazar first moved to London, she found it tricky to integrate into local communities, or find volunteering opportunities with her busy work schedule. But she wanted to rediscover her lifestyle back in Romania where helping others with tasks was just a part of everyday life. 

The Komorabi app is her answer to this problem. And because of this, it is free. 

Maria explains; “Volunteering can place a lot of requirements on people – and while they are often very necessary – sometimes it’s just not possible to get a DBS check, or commit to one day a week, or travel an hour to volunteer. With the app, you can give as little, or as much time as you like. Basically, anyone and everyone can volunteer, and it’s going to totally change how we approach volunteering.”

Join the volunteering revolution

To get your charity on the app and receive a helping hand from Komorabi volunteers, get in touch with Donna by emailing 

If you’d like more information on how Komorabi could help your company arrange CSR activities, request a quote from

For media enquiries or to interview our founder Maria Lazar, get in touch with Evie by emailing

Download from the Apple store here.

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