Good Deeds for kids to do from home


With kids spending a lot of time at home until further notice, the Komorabi team have put together some advice on little good deeds which can keep kids busy, entertained and inspire them to help someone else!

A tidy house means a tidy mind

Use some spare time to sort through their wardrobes with them, you can then donate any unwanted clothes to charity. Ask your kids if they would like to make it even more special by leaving a happy note in the pockets. With Traid, you can book a free collection.

Fill someone’s belly with a food donation

We all know kids can be fussy eaters! Have a look through your food cupboards, if there is anything you will not use, why not help them donate it to the local food pantry? Donate food through the Trussell Trust.

Sometimes you can have too many toys

Why not take some time to sort through their toys with them, label one box ‘Keeping’ and another ‘Charity’, encourage them to look after their toys and pass them onto those who are less fortunate. Great Ormond Street Hospital is always in need of toys and board games. 

Follow #chasetherainbow

Draw rainbows and put them up in your window, that way if you’re out for a walk you can chase the rainbow and wave to those who might be at home and in need of a ‘hello’. 

Will you be my Pen Pal?

Write a letter for someone at the local care home! Why not find a pen pal at the local care home? Write a letter and pop it in their letterbox, make sure you write a return address! Here’s a template to start with, and you can find a care home near you to send it to.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle…Right?

Start saving up glass jars and make lanterns for a local charity to hang in their garden or to put in their rooms. You can paint them, write positive messages on them, fill them with stones and plants or even pop some sand and a candle into them. Give them to your local charity to brighten someone’s room or to place in a little garden.

Raise some funds and have some fun

Make and decorate little bags of sweets or cupcakes and sell them in your local neighbourhood, you can then pass your profits onto a charity of your choice.

Put a smile on a ‘not so’ strangers face

Our bin collectors and postman work all year round, they make sure our waste is properly disposed of and that our parcels are delivered on time! Write a thank you note and leave it out for them!

Dial a friend

Call a friend or relative to say hello! Sometimes a quick chat can make someone who is feeling lonely smile!

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Create a treasure hunt for your family, write a series of clues for your family members to follow and make their treasure a letter written by you about how much you love them!

Hugs are FREE!

Give out hugs and compliments to everyone at home! They are free!

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