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We’re launching a new app to put volunteering opportunities at your fingertips

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We are living through a volunteering revolution. Want to pitch in? The Komorabi app shows you where and how you can do good.

In recent weeks it’s been so inspiring to see the great British spirit of helping out our neighbours, whether its sewing masks for key workers, or walking laps of the garden to raise money for key workers like the incredible Captain Tom Moore! 

But many of us are sat at home feeling restless, wanting to help but not knowing where to start, or what is needed in our communities.  Whether you’ve got loads of time on your hands, or just an afternoon, that time could be spent supporting a community group in need of volunteers, a charity in need of delivery drivers; there are so many ways to contribute but it can be so hard to find them!

In June 2020 Komorabi will launch its volunteering app platform, which will provide charities with a way to highlight ways to help and it will give keen volunteers an easy way to find their perfect volunteering role. 

You will be able to choose a volunteering category to suit your interests and passions before being presented with your tailored volunteering activities. The activity could be anything from helping a food bank with donations, writing letters to children fighting illnesses or people suffering from social isolation, helping vulnerable children get more active by sports coaching or offering encouragement through online learning. 

We have partnered with small, local community groups and charities who need a helping hand, to highlight how you can help them by volunteering your time. At the moment, most organisations do this via Facebook or their websites, but frustratingly the message often never gets to those looking for it. 

We hope that the sense of community and “chipping in” currently felt by every one of us, will continue after this difficult time, and spark a volunteering revolution

Want to volunteer? You can register with Komorabi in advance of the app launch, whether you have 10minutes to spare or want to step into a recurring role, Komorabi will enable you to find your perfect good deed.

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