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5 apps that make it easy to do good right now


We are regularly told how bad mobile phones are for us. But, what about their potential to help others, even strangers?

If you’re worried about spending too much time online, or want to do something good with that time, here are our top five apps to download to do good right now.

Acts of kindness apps


Recently launched in London after being born in New Zealand, CoGo connects consumers and businesses with the ambition to change business to change the world.

Businesses can be a force for good, and by supporting the good businesses (rather than the not so good ones), you can help them flourish, and do even more good! 


At Komorabi we were astounded to learn that one fifth of millennials open an app over fifty times a day! Charities and non-profit organisations are often the slowest to adopt digital tools, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

We have developed a new volunteering app that breaks down volunteering opportunities into bite-sized tasks (or acts of kindness), that can be searched according to category, location, and time commitment – there are tasks that take as little as 10 minutes!

Charities can easily list the tasks they need volunteers to complete, and budding volunteers can easily find good deeds that are genuinely needed. It’s a win- win for all!

Komorabi is FREE to download for IOS and MAC. Get in touch with us at if you would like to become a charity partner.  

What about apps that help the environment?

Too Good To Go

The amount of fresh food that goes to waste at the end of the day in restaurants, cafes and markets is truly terrible. Too Good To Go lets you browse eateries near you and bag great deals on delicious meals that may otherwise be binned.

The suppliers let you know what time food will be available, you then place your order, pay within the app and head down to the store to collect at the specified time.

Prices are super affordable – between three and five pounds for a Magic Bag of food that could contain a main meal (or two!) or a selection of pastries or bread. AND you’re stopping that food heading to landfill!


Next time you find yourself scrolling through your social media accounts when you should be concentrating on your work, let Forest help you out. Plant a seed in Forest and ignore your phone to let it grow gradually into a tree. 

And what’s even cooler, is that the coins you earn in the app go to planting real-life trees with non-profit organisation Trees for the Future. Get your work done, plant trees, it’s a win-win! 

Apps that raise money

Donate a Photo 

Are you a happy snapper? Turn those photos in to cash for charities with Johnson and Johnson’s Donate a Photo app. For every photo you share through the app, Johnson & Johnson gives US$1 to a cause you care about.

It can be absolutely any photo, and you are limited to one photo per day. So if you use the app for a year, that $365 donated to a charity you care about, and all you had to do was take some shots! 

NewDay Impact Investing

We can’t all be finance experts, which is why NewDay guides you to invest in worthy causes across the world.

These clever folk have created investment portfolios with specific strategies to make it easy to invest in companies that target issues like ocean health, climate change and gender equality. Help raise money for companies who you can trust to use it for good.

Acts of kindness are at the tips of your fingers, download one of these app now.

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